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Jon Favreau Already Has Story, Cast Ideas For a Disney+ Star Wars Holiday Special

We may be getting closer to seeing this come true.

Jon Favreau Wants to Do a Star Wars Holiday Special for Disney Plus

While speaking with ET backstage at the 45th annual Saturn Awards over the weekend, Jon Favreau expressed interest in creating a new version of the Star Wars: Holiday Special.

Tom Spina Designs Restore Original Chewbacca/Malla Mask from the Holiday Special

Tom Spina Designs have restored the original Chewbacca/Malla mask used in Star Wars: A New Hope and The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Happy Life Day – 39 Years And Counting

Long before there were Star Wars standalone films, there was the Star Wars Holiday Special.

TSWS: Holiday Special!

Today's episode of The Star Wars Show has arrived. Watch it, you must!

Jedi News Review: Star Wars Holiday Special

Join the Dark Moose as he takes a look - through his fingers - at the Star Wars Holiday Special...

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