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UPDATED: Hallmark Reveals 2017 Event Exclusive Products

New Star Wars items from Hallmark are on the horizon.

Hallmark Reveals Their Celebration Orlando 2017 Exclusives

Check out these awesome Celebration Orlando exclusives coming from Hallmark.

Hallmark To Celebrate 40th Anniversary Of ‘Star Wars’ In Big Way

If you are a big-time Hallmark Star Wars ornament collector like I am, you're gonna love this news.

New ‘Star Wars’ itty bittys from Hallmark for 2017

We cannot wait to add these new itty bittys to our collections!

Hallmark Personalized BB-8 Christmas Ornament

Add a unique personal touch to this BB-8 Hallmark ornament.

Hallmark Rogue One Death Trooper Ornament Now Listed On Their Website

You can now add the Rogue One Death Trooper ornament to your online Keepsake Wish List.

Smaller Hallmark Rogue One Death Trooper Ornament

Hallmark releases another Rogue One Death Trooper holiday ornament for fans to add to their collections...

Hallmark Canada Reveal Their Exclusive Death Star Tree Topper

Check out this incredible video of a Hallmark Canada exclusive tree topper, and appropriatly enough for a Rogue One X-mas, it is in the shape of a Death Star!

NYCC 2016: Photos From Hallmark Booth, Rogue One Death Trooper Ornament Revealed

Who doesn't love Hallmark and their line of must-own Star Wars Keepsake ornaments?

Idle Hands: NYCC 2016: Itty Bitty’s

New York Comic Con is under way and the Itty Bitty army is loose...

Hallmark Will Not Have A Limited Quantity In-Store Star Wars Keepsake Ornament This Year

Unlike they have done in previous years, it appears that Hallmark will not have a limited quantity in-store Star Wars themed Keepsake Ornament this...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Itty Bittys Are Here

I don’t have much to say other than to show you guys the photos! They are here! I have held them they...

Hallmark Admiral Ackbar Keepsake Ornament Will Be Their Limited Quantity In-Store Release

In light of our story posted yesterday concerning Hallmark's plans to release two Keepsake Ornaments from The Force Awakens near the end of...

Hallmark To Release Two The Force Awakens Keepsake Ornaments This Year

Hallmark has posted their 2015 Keepsake Ornament Dreambook online earlier today, which includes photos of their selection of Star Wars ornaments that were...

Celebration Anaheim 2015: Hallmark Booth Photos

Team Jedi News visited the Hallmark booth at Celebration Anaheim 2015 and snapped an assortment of photos of the various products that were...

Hallmark 2015 Event Exclusive Star Wars Items Revealed

A short time ago, Hallmark announced their assortment of Star Wars themed 2015 Event Exclusive items that will be available for fans to...

Celebration Anaheim 2015: Hallmark Exclusives Announced

One of my favorite Star Wars license holders, Hallmark, has announced that they will have not one, but two exclusive products available for fans to...

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