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Hallmark 2020 Event Exclusive Star Wars Products

Be on the lookout for these exclusive Hallmark offerings.

List of Hallmark 2020 Keepsake Ornament Events

Mark your calendars accordingly.

Hallmark Reveals Their 2019 Keepsake Ornaments For The Rise of Skywalker

Add these new Episode IX ornaments to your holiday decor.

Reminder: Hallmark 2019 Keepsake Ornament Debut Starts October 5

Hallmark's Ornament Debut arrives this weekend.

Hallmark To Release Vader Choking Admiral Motti 2020 Keepsake Ornament

Motti goes a little too far in this new Hallmark Keepsake ornament.

Reminder: Hallmark 2019 Keepsake Ornament Premiere Event Starts Tomorrow

Head to your local Hallmark Gold Crown store this weekend and pick up your new 2019 holiday ornaments.

Hallmark Will Not Have a 2019 Star Wars Limited Quantity In-Store Keepsake Ornament

You won't have to worry about grabbing a Star Wars ornament the second you enter your Hallmark Gold Crown store this year.

Hallmark 2019 Event Exclusives For Fan Conventions

Add these 2019 entries to your growing Hallmark ornament collection.

Hallmark Celebrates Star Wars Day 2019 With New Products

Celebrate Star Wars Day with brand new Hallmark products.

Two Episode IX Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Listed in 2019 Dream Book

The Rise of Skywalker will be represented in two upcoming Hallmark ornaments.

Hallmark Medal of Yavin 2019 Keepsake Ornament Available May 4

This limited quantity Keepsake ornament will be available as part of the Star Wars Day festivities.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019: Photos From Hallmark Booth

Check out the photos we took from the Hallmark booth at Celebration.

Hallmark 2019 Dream Book Now Online, New Star Wars Ornaments Revealed

Let the 2019 holiday season begin!

Hallmark Press Release & Images For Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 Exclusives

Add these new Hallmark items to your Star Wars collection.

New Hallmark “Beginnings” C-3PO and R2-D2 Keepsake Ornament 2-Pack

Save a branch on the tree for this must-own Hallmark ornament set.

Dates For Hallmark 2019 Keepsake Ornament Events

See when you'll be able to add Hallmark's 2019 Keepsake ornaments to your collection.

NYCC 2018: Photos From Hallmark Booth

It's never too early to talk about Christmas ornaments.

SDCC 2018: Photos From Hallmark Booth

The Hallmark booth is always one of my favorite booths to visit at a convention.

First Look At Hallmark 2019 ‘Star Wars’ Keepsake Ornaments & Products

Catch a peek at what Hallmark will have to offer next year.

Reminder: Saturday Is Hallmark 2018 Keepsake Ornament Premiere

New 2018 ornaments will be here this weekend.

Hallmark: No ‘Star Wars’ Limited Quantity In-Store Exclusive This Year

You'll still be able to decorate the bottom of your holiday tree with this awesome tree skirt.

Press Release: Hallmark 2018 Event Exclusives

Check out their line-up of Star Wars convention exclusives!

Hallmark 2018 Event Exclusive Lando & Lobot Ornament 2-Pack

One of the best Keepsake ornament pairings Hallmark has ever released!

Hallmark 25% Off ‘Star Wars’: May The 4th (Sale) Be With You!

Hallmark celebrate May 4th with 25% off Star Wars items, in-store and online (US only).

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