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Battlefront II Gets Guinness World Record for Most Downvoted Comment on Reddit

We would imagine this is one record the makers of Star Wars: Battlefront II would rather not have -- Reddit message with most down votes (683,000).

LEGO Breaks Guinness World Record With 36,440 Stormtrooper Minifigures at Star Wars Celebration Chicago

LEGO gathered an entire legion of Stormtroopers in order to achieve a Guinness World Records title for largest display of LEGO Star Wars minifigures featuring 36,440 stormtroopers.

Running Stormtrooper Completes London Marathon But Loses World Record

Jez Allinson -- the Running Stormtrooper -- completed the hottest ever London Marathon earlier today, but lost his World Record to an X-Wing Pilot.

Guinness World Records 2018 Collection Offers

Claim your free Guinness World Records Activity Pack.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens In New Guinness World Records 2017 Edition

The Force Awakens smashed numerous records in December 2015 and the Guinness Book of Records are all over it...

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