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George Lucas’ Vision For Sequels Is Similar To ‘The Last Jedi’

It may surprise people to learn that the story of The Last Jedi is similar to what George Lucas had planned for the sequel trilogy himself.

George Lucas Gives High Praise To ‘The Last Jedi’

The Maker is a fan of Episode VIII.

George Lucas’ Student Film ‘THX 1138’ Available To Stream Soon

Gunpowder & Sky has announced that its Sci-Fi channel Dust will stream Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB, the short USC film that helped kickstart George Lucas' career.

George Lucas At Top Northern Ireland Restaurant

George Lucas pops in for a bite to eat and provides a nice surprise for the staff!

The 100 Best Screenwriters Of All Time

Where does George Lucas come in the list of 100 best screenwriters?

George Lucas Still Offers Input On The Jedi For Future ‘Star Wars’ Films

The Maker isn't totally removed from the future of the Star Wars franchise.

He’s Mad As Hell, And He’s Not Gonna Take It Any More!

George Lucas is less than impressed with the travelling crowd of autograph hunters.

George Lucas On Great Form

George Lucas has his say on a number of Star Wars related topics.

Happy 73rd Birthday George Lucas

Many happy returns George Lucas.

Slashfilm: George Lucas Invented The First Video Game Jump Scare

Head back to 1985 and a jumpy moment from the LucasArts classic 'Rescue On Fractalus'.

George Lucas Family Foundation Donates $10M To USC

The maker comes through once again.

Ann Brebner, Casting Director for George Lucas’ Early Work Has Died Aged 93

Ann Brebner, a reknowned San Francisco based casting director, who worked for George Lucas on THX 1138, American Graffiti, and the very first reading of Star Wars, has died. She was 93.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ To Feature A Young George Lucas

EW have revealed that a younger version of George Lucas will appear in the winter premiere of Legends of Tomorrow. The Maker will be portrayed by Matt Angel.

George Lucas & Harrison Ford On The Passing Of Carrie Fisher

More reactions to the tragic death of Carrie Fisher.

Rogue One Will Contain An Easter Egg Prop Liked By George Lucas

Come inside to read about the George Lucas "connection" to Rogue One.

George Lucas Foundation: $1.5M Donation To Norman Rockwell Museum

The Maker giveth. George Lucas awards $1.5m to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge...

George Lucas Endows Haskell Wexler Chair In Documentary At USC School Of Cinematic Arts

The Oscar winning cinematographer is honoured by the establishment of an endowed chair at USC...

Empire Online: Movie Movements That Defined Cinema: The Movie Brats

The Movie Brats defined an era of movie history and continue to cast a broad shadow today...

Screencrush: George Lucas – You Think You Know Movies?

So you think you know George Lucas...

Sci-Fi Central: Rick McCallum Producing for George Lucas

Sci-Fi Central sit down with prequels producer Rick Mccallum...

George Lucas Is Loving The New Han Solo Comic From Marvel

Now this is no small happening. While it's known that Lucas is a long time comic fan, having co-owned the Supersnipe Comic Book Euphorium...

George Lucas To Serve As Executive Producer On Indiana Jones 5

I'm treading very lightly on this story given the source of the info, but I've been unable to find a secondary source confirming what...

Happy 72nd Birthday George!

From the entire gang at #teamjedinews we'd like to wish The Maker a very happy 72nd birthday. We can't thank you enough...

The Other Skywalker Children

George Lucas is a huge fan of Akira Kurosawa, and one of his favorite Kurosawa films is The Hidden Fortress....

A Thank You Note to George by Teresa Delgado

Our own Teresa Delgado offers up her thoughts on the Disney/Lucasfilm news over on StarWarsReport.com. Check out her intro below...

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