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Jedi News Interviews: Gary Whitta

Gary Whitta recently took time out from his hectic schedule to talk to Mark Alders about his latest work

‘Rogue One’s’ Original Opening Crawl Had A Cool Connection To ‘A New Hope’

Gary Whitta, writing on Twitter earlier this week, tells us about the original crawl he'd written for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Gary Whitta Reveals His Original Idea For Darth Vader’s ‘Rogue One’ Finale

Vader's display of power could have played out quite differently.

‘The Last Jedi’ Comic Gives Fans More Of What They Want

To the delight of fans, the new comic book adaptation of The Last Jedi has more time to dwell on events dealt with off screen in the film.

Gary Whitta Shares Story About Secrecy Of Working With Lucasfilm

“Working for Lucasfilm is like working for the CIA."

‘Rogue One’s First Writer Got the Job In A Very Simple Way

Gary Whitta talks with io9 ahead of the home video release of Rogue One.

Gary Whitta Says Future ‘Star Wars’ Films Won’t Be Based On Legacy Characters

Lucasfilm wants to expand the universe George Lucas created with all-new content.

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