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In-Progress Shot Of ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Millennium Falcon Ride Powered By NVIDIA

This ride is gonna blow us all away.

‘Thrawn: Alliances’ Novel References ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Planet Batuu

More than just a theme park addition.

Video: Flyover The ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Construction Site At Disneyland

Take a look at the new theme park construction status at Disneyland.

A Closer Look At ‘Star Wars’ Area Coming To Walt Disney Studios In Paris

Here's a closer look at the Star Wars 'Area' coming to Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris.

New Concept Visuals For Walt Disney World ‘Star Wars’ Themed Resort

Can't wait to book a room...

D23 Expo Japan: Sneak Peek At The Toydarian Wares Coming ‘Galaxy’s Edge’

At the D23 Expo Japan event, attendees got a sneak peek at the unique Toydarian merchandise guests will find exclusively at Galaxy's Edge.

A Bit More On ‘Star Wars’ Themed Resort Coming To Walt Disney World

The theme park adventure continues to get bigger and bigger.

Recap Of 9 Things We Know About ‘Galaxy’s Edge’

Get caught up on Disney's new Star Wars theme park attractions.

‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Trading Cards Provide New Details On Batuu

At last month's Galactic Nights some special trading cards were given out showing concept art for some of the offerings guests will find on the planet Batuu.

Images Of New ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Merchandise

Add these debut pieces to your growing Star Wars collection.

New ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Details & Images Include Full-Size X-wings

Work on 2019's theme park attractions is in full swing.

REMINDER: New Look At ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ And ‘The Last Jedi’ Tonight On ABC

Be sure to tune in tonight for some new Star Wars sneak peeks.

Video: ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Hollywood Studios Construction Milestone

Thousands of Disney cast members celebrated a major construction milestone.

‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Planet Batuu Gets Official Databank Entry

A new planet = new possibilities.

Disney Magical Holiday Celebration Will Have Sneak Peek At ‘Galaxy’s Edge’

Celebrate the holiday season with this new Disney TV special on ABC.

UPDATED: Star Tours Reveals Brand New ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Planet Name

Come inside for the official name of an all-new Star Wars planet!

Disney Cast Members Sign ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Support Beam At Hollywood Studios

A great way to celebrate a construction achievement.

Galaxy’s Edge Visible Due To Hurricane Irma

Galaxy's Edge is taking shape.

‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ Construction Milestone Celebrated At Disneyland Park

Galaxy's Edge reaches its highest construction point.

‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Model Will Be On Display At Hollywood Studios In September

Catch another peek at the new Star Wars themed attractions next month.

The Recent History Of Major Park Expansions

The contest for park supremacy has only just begun.

New ‘Star Wars’ Themed Resort Coming To Walt Disney World

Earlier reports of this new Star Wars themed resort have proved to be accurate.

‘Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge’ Fly-Through Video

Come fly with me through Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

‘Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge’ Is The Official Name For ‘Star Wars’ Land

Can't call it Star Wars Land anymore.

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