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First Official Photos from Forces of Destiny at Star Wars Authentics

Star Wars Authentics has the first official photos from Star Wars: Force of Destiny avaibale to purchase now.

Press Images: Hasbro SDCC 2018 Porgs & Chewbacca ‘Forces Of Destiny’ Set

Come inside for some official press assets of this new SDCC exclusive.

Hasbro SDCC 2018 Exclusive Porgs & Chewbacca ‘Forces Of Destiny’ Set

This exclusive set can be yours for just under $50.

New ‘Forces Of Destiny’ Episodes Arrive May 4, TV Special On May 25

The hit animated micro-series returns tomorrow!

Two More Preview Images From ‘Forces Of Destiny’ March 19 Return

Another taste of the new season awaits inside.

‘Forces Of Destiny’ Returns March 19 On Disney YouTube

Volume 3 of the animated short series lands this month!

‘Forces of Destiny’ Exclusive Cover Bundle At WonderCon 2018 Anaheim

Forces of Destiny exclusive cover bundle available at WonderCon 2018 Anaheim with all covers by artist Elsa Charretier.

‘Star Wars Forces Of Destiny’: Rose & Paige

The latest Force of Destiny comic from IDW links to The Last Jedi, and more specifically the characters of Rose & Paige Tico.

‘Star Wars Forces Of Destiny’: Ahsoka & Padmé

The latest IDW comic links back to a previous episode of Forces of Destiny to find out more about the relationship between Padmé & Ahsoka.

‘Star Wars Forces Of Destiny’: Hera

It's time to jump aboard the Ghost with Hera, and catch up with the creative team behind the third of five Forces of Destiny comics from IDW.

‘Star Wars Forces Of Destiny’: Hera Preview

StarWars.com preview the variant covers and more coming in issue #3 of IDW's Forces of Destiny comic series.

‘Star Wars Forces Of Destiny’: Rey – Back To Jakku

It's time to go back to Jakku and see how Rey's story connects up several threads for the character in the second Forces of Destiny comic from IDW.

‘Star Wars Forces Of Destiny’: Leia – A Celebration of Our Favourite Princess

IDW focus on Leia’s resilience and her unbreakable nature in the first of five Forces of Destiny comics focusing on the female characters of Star Wars.

NYCC 2017: ‘Forces of Destiny’ Comics Coming in January from IDW

A brand new comic series of Forces of Destiny by IDW featuring the leading ladies of Star Wars coming in January.

Voice Actors For Young & Old Han Solo In ‘Forces Of Destiny’

The voices of OT Han and ST Han in the animated series have been revealed.

New Official Hasbro ‘Forces Of Destiny’ Product Images From HASCON 2017

Check out some new press images.

UPDATE: New ‘Forces Of Destiny’ Trailer, Two Half-Hour TV Specials Coming In October

October will feature not one, but two new Forces of Destiny TV specials!

‘Forces Of Destiny’ Returns October 1 With Half-Hour Special, New Promo Video

What better way to kick off the first full month of Fall than with some new Forces of Destiny action?

Finn, Han Solo To Appear In Future ‘Forces Of Destiny’ Episodes

New animated versions of Finn and Han will be coming down the road.

Remaining ‘Forces Of Destiny’ Episodes To Air On Disney Channel UK

Forces of Destiny returns to wrap up the first portion of the season on UK TV.

Jennifer Muro On New October ‘Forces Of Destiny’ Episodes, Working With Voice Cast

Hear from the writer behind this very popular animated series.

‘Forces Of Destiny’ Promo Package From Hasbro PR Team

Add these new Hasbro items to your collection today.

New Hasbro ‘Forces Of Destiny’ Official TV Commercial

Save the universe with the Forces of Destiny adventure figures such as Princess Leia or Rey!

Jennifer Muro Talks ‘Forces Of Destiny’ With Ars Technica

Jennifer Muro talks with Annalee Newitz about her YouTube and Disney channel Star Wars series.

‘Forces Of Destiny’ On UK TV

Forces of Destiny arrives on UK broadcast TV on the Disney Channel.

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