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Hasbro 3.75″ Force Link 2.0 Trooper 6-Pack at The Entertainer

The Entertainer brings the former Target exclusive Hasbro 3.75" Force Link 2.0 Trooper 6-pack to the UK for just £19.95.

Elusive Hasbro 3.75″ 2-packs from Solo: A Star Wars Story at The Entertainer

The Entertainer brings elusive Hasbro 3.75" 2-packs from Solo: A Star Wars Story to the UK for just £6 each.

1st Wave of Solo Force Link Figures at The Entertainer for £3.33 Each (UK)

The first wave of Solo action figures including the hard-to-find troopers are now available at The Entertainer for just £3.33 each.

Order Walmart Exclusive Force Link 2.0 Kessel Mine Escape Playset Online Now

Grab this retailer exclusive for under $40.

Pre-Order Force Link 2.0 Resistance A-Wing Fighter From Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth continues to come to the rescue.

Pre-Order Force Link 2.0 C-3PO & R2-D2 From Entertainment Earth

This 2-pack has a new home.

Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive Force Link 2.0 C-3PO & R2-D2 Available On Canada Website

Order this droid 2-pack today.

‘The Last Jedi’ 3.75″ Figure 4-Pack Available At The Entertainer (UK)

The Last Jedi 4-pack arrives in the UK at The Entertainer for a great price.

Order New Force Link 2.0 TIE Fighter From Target’s Website

Purchase yours today from Target's site.

Target Exclusive Force Link 2.0 Imperial Trooper 6-Pack

Come inside for a look at this new Solo trooper 6-pack.

Boxed Photos Of Target Exclusive Vandor-1 Cardboard Playset

Check out the packaging for this new Target exclusive Force Link 2.0 playset.

Hasbro Force Link 2.0 “Mission On Vandor-1” Figure 4-Pack

Check out this new Solo 4-pack.

Force Link 2.0 ‘The Last Jedi’ Figure 5-Pack Is An Entertainment Earth Exclusive

The 3.75" figure multipack from Episode VIII has a new home.

Official Press Images From SDCC 2018 Hasbro ‘Star Wars’ Panel

Come inside for press images from the Hasbro panel.

SDCC 2018: Recap From Hasbro ‘Star Wars’ Panel

Here's what went down during the panel.

New Force Link 2.0 TIE Fighter Listed On Hasbro Toy Shop

The Empire's primary short range craft joins the Force Link 2.0 product line.

New Hasbro 3.75″ Figures & Vehicles Confirmed In Force Link 2.1 Update

A bunch of new 3.75" figures and vehicles from Hasbro have been confirmed in the most recent Force Link update (version 2.1) uncovered earlier today.

Hasbro Force Link 2.0 ‘The Last Jedi’ Figure 5-Pack Listed On Toys ‘R’ Us...

Check out this new 3.75" figure multi-pack from Episode VIII.

Hasbro Press Images: Force Link 2.0 Enfys Nest’s Swoop Bike, Galactic Heroes ‘Solo’ Pack

More official asset images from Hasbro are here.

Hasbro Force Link 2.0 Moloch Has A Removable Mask

A cool bonus for this Hasbro figure.

Press Images: Hasbro ‘Solo’ Force Link 2.0 Figures & Hero Series 12″ Figures

Official assets of Hasbro's new Solo products.

TFNY 2018: Hasbro Force Link 2.0 Basic Figure Assortment

The backbone of Star Wars figure collecting.

EW: First Look At New ‘Solo’ Toys From Hasbro

Here are our first official images from this new product line.

Images Of Hasbro ‘The Last Jedi’ Battle On Crait 3.75″ Figure Set

Will you be adding this 4-pack to your collection?

Entertainment Earth Exclusive: New Force Link 3.75″ Figures From ‘The Last Jedi’

Entertainment Earth have saved the day again, bringing these four 3.75" Force Link Action Figures to market. Available to pre-order now, for delivery in May. 

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