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Why Captain Marvel Success is Terrific News for Star Wars: Episode IX

Forbes takes a look as to why they think the Captain Marvel box office total is good news for Star Wars: Episode IX.

Mark Hamill Doesn’t Know When The Episode IX Trailer Will Arrive

Mark Hamill takes to Twitter to clarify his position on the Epsiode IX trailer and share a picture of his own personal Star Wars trailer.

Lee Towersey says Goodbye from the Star Wars Workshop

Lee Towersey says goodbye to the Star Wars workshop where he's worked for almost six years.

Oscar Isaac Got Upstaged by C-3PO the Day He Wrapped the Star Wars Trilogy

Oscar Isaac appeared earlier this week on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and he shared how Anthony Daniels upstaged him the day he wrapped Episode IX.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019: Episode IX Panel Announced

Attendees will definitely want to attend this panel.

J.J. Abrams Sent John Boyega A Red Spider-Man Themed First Order Stormtrooper Helmet

Does it come with custom web shooters as well?

Matt Smith Says He’s Not in Episode IX

Gotta take him at his word, no?

Episode IX Footage Description

Disney shareholders were shown some exclusive footage from Episode IX.

Episode IX Video Shown During Disney Shareholders Meeting

A perfect way to cap off a shareholders meeting presentation.

Mark Hamill: Carrie Fisher Would Get a ‘Real Kick’ Out of Appearing in Star...

Unused footage of Carrie Fisher will feature in Episode IX later this year, and Mark Hamill, her on-screen brother, thinks she'll get a 'real kick' out of it.

Oscar Isaac on Star Wars: Episode IX – “People Are Gonna Be Just Blown...

Talking to Associated Press on March 4th, Oscar Isaac Oscar says working on Episode IX was "the most fun it's been".

J.J. Abrams On Wrapped Episode IX Filming, Working With Billy Dee Williams

Having Lando back in Star Wars was a highlight of the film's production.

Alan Horn On Disney/Fox Merger, Disney+, And More

Always in motion is the future.

With Episode IX Filming Done, We Take a Look Back at The Completion of...

Take a nostalgic stroll with me down memory lane.

Victoria Mahoney Also Tweets Episode IX Filming Has Wrapped

Lots of love for the completion of Episode IX filming.

J.J. Abrams: Filming For Episode IX Has Wrapped

A bittersweet day indeed.

Jimmy Vee Wraps Filming as R2-D2 For Episode IX

All three of the popular droids have completed their filming.

Rob Bredow and Richard E. Grant at Oscar Nominees Lunch

Rob Bredow and Richard E. Grant attended the Oscar nominees lunch in LA yesterday.

Brian Herring Wraps on Episode IX with BB-8

Brian Herring has wrapped filming BB-8 on Episode IX.

John Boyega Jokingly Reveals How Episode IX Ends

Answering a question on Twitter, John Boyega shares how Episode IX will end.... or does he?

Anthony Daniels Wraps Episode IX Filming as C-3PO

Everyone's favorite protocol droid has completed his work on December's film.

Adam Driver: I Don’t Want to Talk Star Wars

Adam Driver isn't ready to answer questions about Episode IX yet.

Puppeteer Brian Herring Shares Photo of All 3 Sequel Trilogy Crew Jackets

How's this for an exciting threesome?

Richard E. Grant Talks Star Wars Episode IX Spolier Protection

Speaking on yesterday's The One Show (21st January), Richard E. Grant explained how the Episode IX set is shrouded in secrecy.

John Boyega Shares Star Wars: Epsiode IX Photo on Instagram

John Boyega took to Instagram yesterday to share a behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Star Wars: Episode IX.

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