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Empire Reveals New ‘The Last Jedi’ Image Of General Hux

Hux is not afraid to up the stakes in Episode VIII.

Empire Shares New Image Of DJ From ‘The Last Jedi’

Del Toro likens his shady Episode VIII character to that of a knife.

Empire Reveals New Look At Snoke From ‘The Last Jedi’

We also get a few quotes from Andy Serkis about this villainous First Order leader.

Rey & Kylo Ren Covers For Empire Magazine January 2018 Issue

Collect 'em all!

Empire Reveals Exclusive Look At ‘The Last Jedi’ Snowtroopers

Cold-weather First Order troops return.

Porgs Grace Subscriber Cover Of Empire Magazine January 2018 Issue

Empire kicks off new coverage of The Last Jedi later this week.

New Photo Of Luke From Empire Magazine ‘The Last Jedi’ Issue

Catch a preview of Empire's new issue for The Last Jedi.

Empire’s ‘The Last Jedi’ Photo Of Rose & Finn In Canto Bight, New Planet...

Come inside to learn the name of the planet where Canto Bight calls home.

Rian Johnson Talks Snoke’s Backstory, Kylo Ren With Empire Magazine

How much of Snoke's backstory will be explained in The Last Jedi?

Empire Magazine ‘The Last Jedi’ Newsstand Cover, Details On Poe’s New X-Wing

A second cover for their October issue is revealed along with details on Poe's new fighter.

Empire Magazine ‘The Last Jedi’ Holographic Subscriber Cover Revealed

Take a look at the subscriber cover of next months Empire magazine.

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