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RADIO 1138: Episode 72 – Good Company

Join James Burns for the latest episode of RADIO 1138, featuring Jedi News literature editor Steve Galloway, Steve Sansweet & Anne Neumann from Rancho Obi-Wan and Doug Chiang.

LonelyPlanet.com Talk to the Creators of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

LonelyPlanet.com sat down with Scott Trowbridge and Doug Chiang, two of the creators and designers of Batuu, to discuss what went into the place-making of this new planet.

From McQuarrie To Chiang: 40 Years Of Lucasfilm ‘Star Wars’ Holiday Cards

Cards from holidays past, reviewed from the last 40 years at StarWars.com.

Dan Brooks Speaks With Doug Chiang About ‘Rogue One’ Imperial Architecture

Here's another must-read interview with the supremely talented Doug Chiang.

Doug Chiang Talks With American Cinematographer About ‘Rogue One’ (Part 2)

American Cinematographer's second part of their Q & A with Doug Chiang on the production design for Rogue One.

Doug Chiang Talks With American Cinematographer About ‘Rogue One’

Doug Chiang the co-production designer of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story discusses the aesthetics of the galaxy far, far away.

American Cinematographer Magazine Goes Rogue In February

Look out for American Cinematographer magazine in February as they have a series of features, and a cover story on the making of Rogue One.

Celebration Orlando 2017: Lucasfilm’s Doug Chiang Attending

A most impressive guest addition indeed!

Lucasfilm’s Doug Chiang Speaks With Dan Brooks On Designing ‘Rogue One’

Doug Chiang, a Star Wars legend, discusses creating a variety of elements for Rogue One.

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