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Domhnall Gleeson on Reading The Rise of Skywalker Script for the First Time

Collider sat down with Domhnall Gleeson to talk about his new film The Kitchen, and the inevitable Star Wars questions were also asked.

Star Wars Authentics: Domhnall Gleeson Autographs On Sale Now!

New Domhnall Gleeson autographs available now at Star Wars Authentics in 8x10 and 11x14 sizes.

Domhnall Gleeson Calls Out Kelly Marie Tran’s Harassers & Talks ‘The Last Jedi’ Backlash

General Hux actor Domhnall Gleeson shares some thoughts on those behind the attacks on Kelly Marie Tran, and also The Last Jedi backlash.

Domhnall Gleeson Has Read The Entire Episode IX Script…And Wishes He Didn’t

Can Gleeson keep the Episode IX secrets in the bag?

Domhnall Gleeson & Daisy Ridley Share Their Expectations For ‘Episode IX’

Domhnall Gleeson & Daisy Ridley Share Their Expectations For 'Episode IX' whilst on their promotional tour for 'Peter Rabbit'.

Red Carpet Interviews With Daisy Ridley & Domhnall Gleeson At ‘Peter Rabbit’ Premiere

Daisy Ridley and Domhnall Gleeson were interviewed on the red carpet at the UK premiere for Peter Rabbit.

Domhnall Gleeson: Happy Abrams Is Back For Episode IX, Unsure If Hux Is Returning

Will General Hux be returning to the big screen to cap off the Sequel Trilogy?

Domhnall Gleeson Says Star Wars General Hux Is “Merciless”

The latest issue of Total Film, which is on stands here in the UK right now, features an interview with Domhnall Gleeson...

Domhnall Gleeson Talks The Force Awakens With CNBC

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Domhnall Gleeson: It Was “Amazing” To Have The Force Awakens Filmed In Ireland

It's been well documented before how new Episode VII cast member Domhnall Gleeson has remained tight-lipped on his role in the upcoming film....

Domhnall Gleeson On Episode VII: “The Most Secrecy I’ve Had To Work With”

In an article posted over on Radio Times, new Episode VII cast member Domhnall Gleeson spoke about what it was like having to maintain such...

A Bit More From Domhnall Gleeson On The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

As a quick addition to his earlier comments after seeing the teaser trailer for The Force Awakens, new Episode VII cast member Domhnall...

Domhnall Gleeson “Very Excited” After Seeing The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

It isn't much and his comments won't be discussed across the interwebs with excitement from the fan community (we know that just isn't...

Domhnall Gleeson Follows His Brother’s Advice On Episode VII Secrecy

In an interview recently conducted with Vulture, new Episode VII cast member Domhnall Gleeson reveals the source of how he has been able...

Domhnall Gleeson Shares A Tidbit On Episode VII Secrecy

New Episode VII cast member Domhnall Gleeson's secrecy surrounding details on the film have been well documented before here on Jedi News. But...

REPORT: Domhnall Gleeson Says There Are “Plenty” Of Episode VII Parts To Be Cast

We learn via an article posted on Daily Star that English fashion model Cara Delevingne is trying to find a way to somehow...

Domhnall Gleeson Chats Episode VII In ‘MTV News’ Interview

During the media opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley theme park expansion at Universal Orlando, actor Domhnall Gleeson shared...

Star Wars Episode VII: Domhnall Gleeson In The UK

Not the most staggering news, but it appears Domhnall Gleeson is in the country and ready for his close up...

Star Wars Episode VII: Domhnall Gleeson Keeping Details Secret From Family

I can only imagine how difficult it must be for actors and actresses to keep from divulging specifics of the projects they are...

RUMORS: Domhnall Gleeson To Play a “Space Pikey” in Episode VII; Kenny Baker Out?

We've got a few new Episode VII rumors that came across our desk today. First off, according to an article on Waterford Whisper...

Domhnall Gleeson On His Episode VII Casting

Comic Book Movie provides us with the comments below that were recently made by new Episode VII cast member Domhnall Gleeson on...

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