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Disney+ Won’t Debut Star Wars Movies

Bog Iger says Disney+ won't debut new Star Wars movies.

Official Logo & Preview Website For Disney+ Revealed

Stay up-to-date with everything related to the new Disney+ streaming service.

Disney’s New Streaming Service To Be Called Disney Play

Bob Iger has referred to the new streaming service by this name.

‘Star Wars’ Movies Released Before 2019 Will Not Be On Disney’s Streaming Service

Iger offers up new details on 2019's streaming service.

Disney Wants Rights To ‘Star Wars’ Films Back For Own Online Service

Disney have signed various deals with cable companies to show the Star Wars films, but with their own online service coming next year they want the rights back.

Bob Iger: Multiple New ‘Star Wars’ TV Series In The Works

The GFFA will be expanding its small-screen presence in a big way.

Netflix Ready For Competition From New Disney Streaming Service

Business as usual is the vibe being put out.

Could Hulu Be The Foundation Of Disney’s New Streaming Service?

Disney may be looking to build upon the content provider's existing infrastructure.

Bob Iger: Disney Streaming Service Will Be Priced “Substantially Below” Netflix

Good news for your republic credits.

New ‘Star Wars’ Live-Action TV Series Coming To Disney Streaming Service

The LONG rumored Star Wars TV series has new life.

‘Star Wars’ & Marvel Films Are Being Moved To Disney Streaming Service

They will have a brand new home come 2019.

Disney To End Ties With Netflix, Launch Their Own Streaming Service In 2019

The world of online streaming services is due to change in 2019.

Disney Digital Network Announced, Includes New ‘Star Wars’ Science Show

A new content-delivery platform from Disney has been revealed.

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