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Build Your Own X-Wing from DeAgostini Lands in the UK

Build Your Own X-Wing from DeAgostini is available online in the UK now, pending a full release nationwide later this year.

DeAgostini: Star Wars Graphic Novels Collection

De Agostini have launched thier Star Wars Graphic Novels Collection which now available to order.

Full Kit Available Now for Build Your Own R2-D2 from DeAgostini

Build Your Own R2-D2 from ModelSpace and DeAgostini is now available as a full kit.

New ‘Build Your Own X-Wing’ From DeAgostini Landing In August 2018

A new X-Wing model from the ModelSpace and DeAgostini is due to hit the shelves this August

Official ‘Star Wars’ Helmet Collection Update From Iain Lowson

Our good friend Iain Lowson the chief writer behind the Official Star Wars Helmets Collection brings us an update on what we can expect to see in its extended run to 80 issues.

‘Star Wars’ Build The Millennium Falcon Offer

Build the Millennium Falcon part work offers.

DeAgostini Build R2-D2 Preview

Iain Lowson takes us through the electronics of Build R2-D2.

New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Helmets Coming To DeAgostini’s Star Wars Helmets Collection

New Star Wars Rebels helmets are coming to the Star Wars Helmets collection.

R2-D2 Saves the Day

R2-D2 saves the day once again.

Win Subscription To ‘Build Your Own R2-D2’ From DeAgostini

Win a complete subscription to 'Build Your Own R2-D2' with Jedi News & DeAgostini.

Build Your Own R2-D2 – Available Now!

Issue 1 (of 100) of Build Your Own R2-D2 from DeAgostini is available in the UK now

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