Product Review: Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Hyperreal 8 Inch Darth Vader

Things have just got real over at Hasbro… Hyperreal! A while ago I mused over my time collecting Sideshow Collectibles figures and said I was looking forward to the arrival of Hasbro’s newly announced venture into the all-new 8-inch scale figure. So, when my Black Series Hyperreal Darth Vader arrived, I was eager to see […]

Photographer Imagines The Daily, Mundane Life Of Darth Vader

Monday it’s building the Death Star, Tuesday it’s purging the Jedi and Wednesday is grocery days. Join the dark lord as he goes about his everyday tasks and chores. Kadysz’s series of selfies embodies the Sith Lord on days when he’s not trying to eradicate the Jedi Order in his photo series, the Daily Life […]

The Atlantic: Darth Vader 2.0?

With word that Kylo Ren has a deep interest in history, specifically that of the sith and Darth Vader in particular, could our main protagonist in The Force Awakens be…a fanboy? From the looks of it, the creators of Disney’s revamped Star Wars franchise have thought a lot about what made the original films “cool” […]