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Return of the Garrison at National Space Centre in Leicester this Weekend

The UK Garrison with friends/foes return to the National Space Centre this weekend, 29th - 30th June 2019, with special guests and events.

Daniel Logan “The Clone Wars was cancelled because it was getting really graphic”

Daniel Logan has said that the reason The Clone Wars was cancelled was because it was getting too graphic.

Episode 8: ‘Science And Star Wars’ Show – Boba Fett

Check out episode eight of Science and Star Wars, looking at the infamous Boba Fett.

Daniel Logan Gets Fitted For A New Suit

Daniel Logan gets fitted for his ESB accurate Boba Fett suit.

Sci-Fi Central: Daniel Logan as Young Boba Fett

At Sci-Fi Central DJ chats with Daniel Logan...

Official Blog: Star Wars Celebration Europe: Your Favorite Memory Photo Book, Part 2

Mary Franklin looks back to Celebration and her favourite moments

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