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Marvel Pulls Fired Writer Chuck Wendig’s Shadow of Vader Series From Schedule

Shadow of Vader comic series pulled from January 2019 release by Marvel, following Chuck Wendig sacking.

Chuck Wendig Fired From Marvel

Chuck Wendig - "So, here’s a thing that has happened – I just got fired from Marvel"

‘Star Wars’ Novelist Explains Luke’s Rescue Of Han In ‘Return Of The Jedi’

Author of the Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy Chuck Wendig has taken up the Herculean task of explaining just what Luke had in mind by recusing Han at the beginning of Return of the Jedi.

Leia and the Force: “War is Coming”

"Strong the Force runs, in the Skywalker line. Only hope, we can. Until the time is right, disappear we will." - Yoda 'Revenge of...

Future of the Force: J.J. Abrams Made A ‘Star Wars’ Mystery Box For Chuck...

Future of the Force take a look at the mystery box of J.J. Abrams and the mysteries of Jakku.

Aftermath: Empire’s End Gets A Blurb

Penguin Random House have updated their site with a blurb for Chuck Wendig's upcoming trilogy completing novel, Aftermath: Empire's End.

Star Wars Presents: A Writers Roundtable Panel | New York Comic Con 2016

The authors assembled at last weekend's New York Comic Con...

Del Rey’s Aftermath: Empire’s End Sees A Change In Schedule

The conclusion to the Aftermath trilogy will now be released three weeks later than originally planned...

Official Site: Chuck Wendig Talks Aftermath: Life Debt

Over at StarWars.com James Floyd sits down with author Chuck Wendig to discuss the second chapter in the Aftermath cycle,...

NYCC 2016: Chuck Wendig Will Be Attending

Just a quick update to let all of our Jedi News readers know that author and comic book writer Chuck Wendig (Star Wars:...

Book Review: Aftermath (UK Paperback Release)

As the Empire reels from its critical defeats at the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance—now a fledgling New...

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