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Lucasfilm 2018 Sidewalk Chalk Festival (7th Annual Year)

The 7th annual Lucasfilm Sidewalk Chalk took place earlier this month and as usual the standard was very high.

Official Site: Photos From 2014 Lucasfilm Sidewalk Art Festival

The 2014 Lucasfilm Sidewalk Art Festival took place in San Francisco last weekend, and the official site provides readers with a...

LFL 2013 Sidewalk Chalk Festival

We promised we'd bring you more from the second Lucasfilm Sidewalk Chalk Festival and here it is.

2nd Annual Lucasfilm Sidewalk Art Festival

The 2nd Annual Lucasfilm Sidewalk Art Festival is taking shape #awsomechalk pic.twitter.com/oHcgM3Njzq— ILM Visual Effects (@ILMVFX) August 23, 2013 Readers of Star...

Official Blog: Lucasfilm Sidewalk Chalk Art Highlights

Check out the amazing sidewalk chalk drawings that were presented during last week's Lucasfilm Sidewalk Art Festival. Last Friday, a...

More Star Wars Chalk Art

A unique entry in the Lucasfilm Sidewalk Art Festival #lucasfilmculture twitter.com/ILMVFX/status/…— ILM Visual Effects (@ILMVFX) October 6, 2012 Another perspective...

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