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Kathleen Kennedy Working on Cassian Andor Disney+ Series in London

Kathleen Kennedy left working on the upcoming, as yet untitled, Cassian Andor Disney+ series to attend her first ever fashion show after being invited directly by Stella McCartney.

Report: Working Titles For Cassian Andor & Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ Series

People, we have codenames.

Diego Luna Reveals That Cassian Andor Series Will Film This Year

Diego Luna has revealed in an exclusive interview with ET that the new Disney+ Cassian Andor series will start filming later this year.

Report: Filming For Cassian Andor Disney+ Series To Begin In June

Cassian is coming.

Rogue One Writer Saves Disney+ Cassian Andor Series from Cancellation

CBR.com and Collider are reporting that Disney strongly considered shutting down production on the Disney+ Cassian Andor series before they brought in uncredited Rogue One writer Tony Gilroy to write the pilot episode.

Report: Tony Gilroy To Write Pilot, Direct Multiple Episodes of Disney+ Cassian Andor Series

Tony Gilroy is returning to the galaxy far, far away.

Filming For Cassian Andor Disney+ Series To Begin Next Year

Cameras are scheduled to start rolling on this new Disney+ series in 2020.

Rumor: Rick Famuyiwa To Direct Episodes of Disney+ Cassian Andor Series

Will he be behind the camera for parts of this series?

Kieran Belshaw: From Game of Thrones to Cassian Andor Series

Concept artist Kieran Belshaw moves from Game of Thrones to the upcoming Cassian Andor series on Disney+.

Alan Tudyk Is Back as K-2SO in Cassian Andor Live-Action Series, Premieres in 2021

He's back, 'cause Cassian said so.

Alan Tudyk Teases Potential K-2SO Return in Rogue One Disney+ Series

Alan Tudyk teases potential K-2SO return in Rogue One Disney+ series.

New Cassian Andor Disney+ Series Will Start Production in October

Production Weekly are reporting the as yet untitled Cassian Andor series for Disney+ will start production in October.

Report: Stephen Schiff Tabbed As Showrunner For Cassian Andor Live-Action Series

We may know who will be overseeing the production of this new live-action series.

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