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Learn More About The Aliens Of Canto Bight In ‘The Last Jedi’

Those with light pockets need not apply.

4 Reasons To Pick Up The ‘Canto Bight’ Novel

A perfect primer for Episode VIII.

Excerpt From ‘Canto Bight’ Novel Posted Online

Come inside for some preview content from this new Episode VIII title.

New ‘Canto Bight’ Novel From ‘The Last Jedi’ Announced

Wanna bet how good this book is gonna be?

‘The Last Jedi’ – New Planets & Destinations

We look forward to visiting lots of new planets and destinations in The Last Jedi, including a visit to a casino like location called Canto Bight.

New Casino City In ‘The Last Jedi’, What Do We Know?

What do we know about the new casino city visited in The Last Jedi?

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