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Skywalking Through Neverland At Mark Hamill’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Sarah & Richard from Skywalking Through Neverland share their video of the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony celebrating the one and only Mark Hamill.

The Metro: BIllie Lourd Auditioned For The Role Of Rey

Billie Lourd auditioned to play Rey in The Force Awakens.

Billie Lourd’s New Life

Billie Lourd talks with Town and Country magazine about the past year.

Billie Lourd Named Sole Beneficiary Of Carrie Fisher’s Estate

An auction for some of the items from her estate will be also be held.

Billie Lourd On Instagram: “Your Love And Support Means The World To Me.”

Billie Lourd speaks for the first time since the passing of her mother and grandmother

Billie Lourd Says Her Character Will Have A Larger Role In Episode VIII

Sounds like we'll be seeing more of Lieutenant Connix in Episode VIII.

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