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Cover & Excerpt From Alphabet Squadron: Shadow Fall Novel Released

Preview content for the summer novel has landed.

Alphabet Squadron Trilogy Continues With Second Book Titled Shadow Fall

The middle book in the trilogy has been announced.

Book Review: Alphabet Squadron by Alexander Freed

Literature Team new recruit Matt 'Jammies' Springer reviews Alphabet Aquadron by Alexander Freed.

Exclusive Excerpt From Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron Novel

Our first excerpt from this new novel is here.

Official Blurb for Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron Novel

Here's a little taste of what this new novel will be bringing to the table.

Cover for Alphabet Squadron Novel Revealed, New Marvel TIE Fighter Comic Series Announced

We have a cover reveal and details about a brand new comic series.

Release Date, Blurb, Pre-Order For Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron Novel

Learn more about this new 2019 novel.

New Alphabet Squadron Novel Coming From Author Alexander Freed

Imperials better watch their backs...

Alexander Freed Interviewed At Fangirl Blog

Linda Hansen-Raj over at Fangirl Cantina sat down with Rogue One novelist Alexander Freed to discuss the mechanics of writing the story. FG: Not having...

Final Cover Art For Official Rogue One Novel Revealed

Check out the cover that will be used on the official Rogue One novel.

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