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Denis Lawson and Alan Tudyk to Appear at Wales Comic Con

Wales Comic Con will be crossing the border once again and invading the Telford International Centre on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th April 2020 and they have already started to announce their guests.

Alan Tudyk Teases Potential K-2SO Return in Rogue One Disney+ Series

Alan Tudyk teases potential K-2SO return in Rogue One Disney+ series.

Actor Alan Tudyk Visits K-2SO at Sideshow HQ

Recently, acclaimed actor Alan Tudyk visited Sideshow HQ to have a little Rogue One-on-one meeting with his imperial droid counterpart, K-2SO.

London Film And Comic Con 2017: Alan Tudyk Appearing

Alan Tudyk is attending London Film and Comic Con July 28th - 30th.

Alan Tudyk Talks K-2SO On Conan O’Brien

Alan Tudyk appeared on Conan to talk Rogue One and K-2SO

Alan Tudyk Speaks With Slashfilm About Imperial Droid K-2SO

The man behind K-2SO chats with Slashfilm.

Alan Tudyk Cut From Rogue One…. Sort Of!

Alan Tudyk recently took part in a Reddit AMA to promote his upcoming ConMan web TV show and revealed some details about one of his roles in Rogue One being cut.

Alan Tudyk Explains Why He Almost Turned Down Rogue One

Alan Tudyk spoke with EW and SiriusXM at NYCC and gave some interesting comments on his part in Rogue One.

Fan Expo Canada: Alan Tudyk Talks K-2SO

Alan Tudyk speaks at Fan Expo Canada about his time on the upcoming Rogue One...

Official Site: Becoming K-2SO: Talking With Rogue One‘s Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk talks K-2SO with the Official Site...

Alan Tudyk Reveals The Accent And Origin Story Of K-2SO

Anthony Breznican of EW continues his series of articles in the lead up to the Rogue One trailer release, and today brings us a...

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