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New Adidas Star Wars Collection Available Now

Bring home some new Star Wars kicks.

Star Wars and Adidas Explain Their New Lightsaber-Inspired Collaboration

The collaboration between Lucasfilm and Adidas has finally been revealed, and the first of three product drops includes eight lightsaber-inspired Adidas basketball silhouettes.

Adidas Readies Collection of Star Wars Basketball Shoes

Last month we shared a look at the X-Wing inspired Ultra Boosts coming from Adidas on November 1st, and now we have a look at some more of the collection coming on the same date.

Star Wars x Adidas X-Wing Inspired Ultra Boosts

Lucasfilm/Disney are collaborating with Adidas for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and they are bringing these rather cool Ultra Boost shoes to market, with more to be revealed soon.

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