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Academy Considering Postponing 2021 Oscars

Variety.com are reporting that the 93rd Academy Awards, scheduled for February 2021, may be another casualty of COVID-19 and is likely to be postponed.

Death Star Added to Rogue One Trailer at Last Minute

Death Star was a late addition to the Rogue One trailer.

Watch AMPAS Hosted Galactic Innovations: Star Wars & Rogue One

Last night AMPAS hosted a presentation contrasting the analog technologies developed for the first Star Wars film and Rogue One, and you can watch the presentation in full now.

Academy Awards 2019 – Best Picture Producer Dedicates Award to Carrie Fisher

The producer of Green Book, Charles B. Wessler, dedicates the film to Carrie Fisher.

Oscar Nominations 2019 – VFX Nod for Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Academy have announced the nominees for the 91st Academy Awards, including one nomination for Solo: A Star Wars Story for Visual Effects.

Are Academy Awards Voters Biased Against VFX Movies?

Here's an interesting article from Variety that looks at a potential bias against VFX movies by Academy Awards voters.

Academy Unveils 2019 Oscar Shortlists

ILM are shortlisted for six out of the ten films at the 91st Academy Awards, including Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Solo Soundtrack Disqualified from Academy Awards

After winning a nomination in the Grammy's the Solo: A Star Wars Story soundtrack has been disqualified from the Academy Awards.

New Popular Oscar Category Postponed by Academy

The new Oscar award category for Popular Film that was announced last month by the Academy has been postponed by the Academy.

Oscars To Add ‘Popular Film’ Category

A new film category has been anounced for the next Academy Awards ceremony.

‘The Last Jedi’ Fails To Win At 90th Oscars

The Last Jedi fails to win at the 90th Oscars.

BBC News: Mark Hamill Would Rather Watch Oscars At Home

Mark Hamill says he'd rather stay home and watch the Oscars than attending in person.

‘The Last Jedi’ Receives Multiple 2018 Academy Award Nominations

Episode VIII is looking to bring home some award hardware.

‘Rogue One’ Nominated For Two Academy Awards

Rogue One has two chances to bring home some hardware.

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