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Greedo Actor Paul Blake On ‘Maclunkey’ in A New Hope on Disney+

Everyone is talking about Disney+ and not necessarily about what you'd think! With the launch of the platform came a 4K version of Star Wars: A New Hope and Maclunkey, leaving Paul Blake who played Greedo in the film incredibly confused.

Disney Confirm George Lucas Changed Han Solo and Greedo Scene on Disney+

Disney+ has arrived in the US and with it we get 4K versions of seven of the films in the Skywalker saga. A New Hope features a new edit of the scene with Han Solo and Greedo, and Disney have confirmed that these changes were made by George Lucas.

Mark Hamill Explains Why Luke Had a Grappling Hook in Star Wars

Mark Hamill is a good sport, if you have a burning question concerning Luke then take to Twitter to ask the Jedi Master anything and there's a good chance he will respond.

Star Wars Editor Paul Hirsch on His New Book and Lucas’ Legacy

Paul Hirsch has just released his autobiography A Long Time Ago in a Cutting Room Far, Far Away, and this gives us a new perspective on the production of one of the most iconic films in history. io9 spoke to Hirsch about the book and his experiences.

Obi-Wan Costume Part of Kimono Exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum

The Japanese inspired costume worn by Sir Alec Guinness in the original Star Wars will be one of the 315 works on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 2020.

John Williams Originally Thought Luke & Leia Would Become Lovers

During Tracy Smith's interview with John Williams for CBS Sunday Morning, the legendary conductor revealed that he thought Luke and Leia would become romantically involved.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Took Inspiration from Star Wars

Bruce Miller, boss on The Handmaid's Tale, has spoken about how the drama's third season was partly inspired by Star Wars.

Watch Mark Hamill’s Star Wars Screen Test with Harrison Ford

Mark Hamill's screen test for Star Wars: A New Hope has been around for many years, and now Mark tells us what George Lucas said that first day he met Harrison Ford.

Meet Ken Nightingall, the Mysterious Pink Shorts Boom Guy from Star Wars

Clayton Sandell from ABC, takes a look at the mysterious pink shorts guy from Star Wars: A New Hope, real name Ken Nightingall.

Docu-Series Explores Big Willie Robinson’s Ties to Darth Vader Role

A new 7-part docu-series tells the true story of "Big Willie" Robinson, a street racer, who claimed that he was asked to play Darth Vader in the original Star Wars film

George Lucas Approved Rare Pre-Special Edition Star Wars Screening

The Academy was given permission by George Lucas to screen a pre Special Edition version of Star Wars: A New Hope in 70mm.

Watch AMPAS Hosted Galactic Innovations: Star Wars & Rogue One

Last night AMPAS hosted a presentation contrasting the analog technologies developed for the first Star Wars film and Rogue One, and you can watch the presentation in full now.

Mark Watters Talks About Directing a Live Orchestra for A New Hope

CNET talk to six-time Emmy Award winner Mark Watters about directing a live orchestra soundtrack A New Hope.

Review – Star Wars: In Concert, Arena Birmingham

We review the Star Wars: In Concert tour of the UK by The Novello Orchestra.

Wizard of Oz Beats Star Wars As Most Influential Film

A study by the University of Turin has shown that the Wizard of Oz is the most influential film of all time, just beating Star Wars.

John Mollo’s Personal Sketchbooks from Star Wars Offered at Bonhams

The auction 'Designing an Empire - The John Mollo Archive' features 62-lots and takes place in London on December 11th at 4pm.

Tom Spina Designs Restore Original Chewbacca/Malla Mask from the Holiday Special

Tom Spina Designs have restored the original Chewbacca/Malla mask used in Star Wars: A New Hope and The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back Producer Gary Kurtz Dies, Aged 78

Gary Kurtz has died, aged 78, after a year long battle with cancer.

Animotion Trailer For Star Wars: A New Hope

Star Wars Files have posted an Animotion trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope on their Facebook page.

150 New ‘Star Wars’ Black & White ‘A New Hope’ Photos at ‘Star Wars’...

Star Wars Authentics is thrilled to announce over 150 new Black & White official photos from Star Wars: A New Hope have been added to the site!

Was John Wayne Secretly in Star Wars?

We never heard the line "Get off your Bantha and drink your blue milk" in any Star Wars film, but there is a tale that John Wayne did appear in Star Wars: A New Hope

‘Rogue One’s’ Original Opening Crawl Had A Cool Connection To ‘A New Hope’

Gary Whitta, writing on Twitter earlier this week, tells us about the original crawl he'd written for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ Official Photos On ‘Star Wars’ Authentics

Star Wars Authentics is thrilled to announce over 80 new Star Wars: A New Hope official photos have been added to the site!

‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ – Happy 41st Anniversary From Jedi News

Wishing Star Wars and everyone associated with it a very happy anniversary from Team Jedi News!

The Soundtrack Show #10: ‘Star Wars’, Lucas, & Williams: An Introduction

David Collins is the host of the weekly podcast The Soundtrack Show, and here's Ep. 10 -- an introduction to Star Wars, Lucas, & Williams.

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