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Blu-ray.com Reviews Solo: A Star Wars Story 4K Blu-ray Release

Get an early review of the Blu-ray release before you pick up your copy next week.

Cover Artwork For Zavvi Exclusive ‘Solo’ 4K Steelbook Blu-ray

Now where have we seen this Blu-ray packaging artwork before?

Cover Artwork For ‘Solo’ Ultimate Collector’s Edition 4K Blu-ray

This is the non-exclusive edition of the 4K release.

Cover Artwork & Interior Shot Of Target Exclusive ‘Solo’ 4K Blu-ray

New photos of this exclusive Blu-ray set are now online.

Another Look At Best Buy Exclusive ‘Solo’ 4K Steelbook Blu-ray

We get a look at the back of the Steelbook as well as an interior shot and disc artwork.

Zavvi Has An Exclusive ‘Solo’ 4K Steelbook Blu-ray

Add it to your Star Wars home media collection.

UPDATE: ‘Solo’ Blu-ray: Best Buy 4K Steelbook, Target 4K Redcard Edition, & More

Come inside for a look at some of the upcoming Blu-ray releases for the film.

Blu-ray.com Review: ‘The Last Jedi’ 4K UHD

Breaking down the first 4K UHD release of a Star Wars theatrical film.

Cover For ‘The Last Jedi’ Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Surfaces

Is a UCE Blu-ray release for Episode VIII coming our way?

Best Buy Has An Exclusive ‘The Last Jedi’ Blu-ray Steelbook

You'll definitely want to add this release to your home media collection.

‘The Last Jedi’ Coming To Blu-ray, DVD, & 4K Ultra HD March 27?

The end of March is when Episode VIII could be arriving on home media.

RUMOR: ‘The Last Jedi’ To Be Released In 4K Ultra HD In 2018

The first Star Wars film to hit 4K could be Episode VIII.

Report Says 4K Versions Of Entire Original Trilogy Exist

The marriage between 4K and the Original Trilogy has taken place.

Will ‘Rogue One’ Get A 4K UHD Release Later This Year?

Fingers crossed my friends.

Lucasfilm Have A 4K Restoration Of ‘A New Hope’

A New Hope in 4K? It IS Christmas!

Ultra HD Blu-ray Specifications Revealed

Shame on me for not seeing this the day it was posted as news about improvements in home theater technology are right in...

4K Blu-ray Expected At End Of 2015

We get word via an article posted last Friday on Blu-ray.com that 4K Blu-ray players and associated discs are scheduled to arrive for home...

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