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Disney Rebrands 20th Century Fox, Now Called 20th Century

Disney is rebranding the 20th Century Fox brand, dropping the Fox name and renaming the studio as just 20th Century Studios.

UPDATED: The Disney/21st Century Fox Merger Is Officially Complete

The deal becomes effective starting tomorrow morning.

Disney Sets March 20 As Closing Date For 21st Century Fox Merger Completion

The deal is set to be finalized in just over a week from today.

Disney and 21st Century Fox Merger Expected to Be Done By March

A bow should be placed on this mega deal real soon.

Disney and Fox Merger Hits a Snag in North America

The Disney and Fox merger has hit a regulatory snag in Brazil, and regulators in Mexico are questioning how the merger will affect the country's cable industry.

Disney Offers EU Antitrust Concessions Over Fox

The EU Commission has extended its deadline for reviewing the takeover bid by Disney for Fox from October 19th to November 6th.

Fox to Sell Remaining Shares of Sky to Comcast, Deal Supported by Disney

Following the bidding war for Sky that was won by Comcast on Saturday for £30bn, 21st Century Fox will sell its 39% stake in Sky to Comcast. This deal has been supported by Disney.

Shareholders Approve Disney & 21st Century Fox Merger Deal

Disney's $70+ billion offer has finally been accepted.

Comcast Drops Pursuit Of 21st Century Fox, Clearing Way For Disney

CNBC are reporting that Comcast has dropped its pursuit of 21st Century Fox, clearing the way for the rival bid from Disney.

Justice Department Approves Disney’s 21st Century Fox Bid Pending Sports Networks Sale

Is the light finally at the end of the tunnel for this entertainment mega-deal?

21st Century Fox Accepts New Offer Submitted By Disney

Another day, another deal.

Comcast Announces $65 Billion All-Cash Bid For 21st Century Fox

Some serious moolah being tossed around.

Comcast Bidding Against Disney To Acquire 21st Century Fox Assets

Comcast has officially tossed their hat into the bidding ring.

Fox President: Disney/Fox Deal Expected To Close By Summer 2019

We have a bit more time before the deal is officially finalized.

Disney To Close 21st Century Fox Deal On Thursday?

Disney may have finally caught the Fox!

Iger To Extend Term After Disney/Fox Deal?

Will Bog Iger stay on at Disney beyond July 2019 to oversee the acquisition of the Fox assets, and the release of Episode IX?

Disney & Fox Are Closing In On Deal – Could Be Next Week

Disney and Fox deal could become a reality as early as next week.

Disney Talking To 21st Century Fox To Buy Company

Could Disney buy Fox and finally have complete control over Star Wars, X-Men and more?

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