Joe Mignano is a long-time friend of Jedi News and he’s done the entire podcast community a solid here by designing this app which pulls together a variety of shows from across the Star Wars galaxy into one place. The Jedi News Network was one of the first shows to sign up and as version 3 is launched a number of other shows are now available.

Hey gang, thanks so much once again for your participation in the “Star Wars podcasts” Android app.  I am pleased to report that version 3.0 is now out, with a new logo and more content than ever before. More than 40 different family-friendly shows, yours included!

Here is where you can find the app:

Google Play store:

Via my website:

The app is free, of course, and now has hundreds of users worldwide.  It works with Android 2.3.3 and above (just about any android device, except for watches), and requires a data or wi-fi connection.  Here is a list of the shows currently on the app:

  • The 501stCast
  • HoloNet Audio Dramas
  • Dark Empire Radio
  • Saber Chats
  • The Cantina Cast
  • Idiot’s Array
  • The Voice of the Republic
  • Skywalking Through Neverland
  • Fangirls Going Rogue
  • Coffee with Kenobi
  • TK-421
  • Aggressive Negotiations
  • Jedi News Network
  • Radio Free Endor
  • Bombad Radio
  • My Star Wars Story
  • Blabba the Hutt
  • Star Wars Autograph News
  • Star Wars 7×7
  • Bantha Fodder
  • The 602 Club
  • The Expanded Fandomverse
  • Podcast FN2187
  • Star Wars Geek Girl
  • Brews & Blasters
  • The GalaxyCast
  • Blast Points
  • Bounty Hunters Collectors Podcast
  • Tarkin’s Top Shelf
  • Full of Sith
  • Twin Suns Transmission
  • Beltway Banthas
  • The Kyber Kast
  • There is Another Podcast
  • Cloud City Casino
  • The Wampa’s Lair
  • The Star Wars Report
  • Star Wars Beyond The Films
  • Ion Cannon
  • Rebel Force Radio
  • The Star Wars Show