Steele Wars #183: The Phantom Editor Responds To Ahmed Best – with Mike J Nichols

In the early 2000’s The Phantom Edit was the most hyped VHS tape in Hollywood.

The purpose of the edit, according to creator Mike J. Nichols, was to make a much stronger version of The Phantom Menace based on the previous execution and philosophies of film storytelling and editing of George Lucas.

Whilst to the casual Star Wars viewer the difference to the film might be unnoticeable, many in the media misleadingly sensationalized the underground tape to have totally edited out Jar Jar Binks.

Recently Ahmed Best on his exceptional field notes YouTube series spoke about the hurt the edit caused him.

The Phantom Edit’s creator Mike J. Nichols returns to the podcast to discuss Ahmed’s recent comments on the landmark fan edit and look at fan discourse and criticism then and now.

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