It’s time to join Jesse and Wayne for the latest edition of Star Wars Book Report.

Wayne and I complete the Michael Stackpole X-Wing novels in this episode by reviewing X-Wing: Isard’s Revenge. Of course we couldn’t complete the series without having Michael Stackpole himself on the show to straighten us out, and straighten he does. We learn that there was a clear clue in X-Wing: The Bacta War to foreshadow the return of Isard that a sixth grader figured out, and Wayne and I didn’t. I know that stuns you all. We cover a variety of topics with Mr. Stackpole from the X-Wing Series, Isard’s Revenge, Episode 7, Why he has be so long away from Star Wars, and much more.

We have fun, and we hope you do to on this episode exploring the X-Wings.

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Mark Newbold
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