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We are excited to have Robert Bapst of The Bald Solo Pod­cast as our co-co-host this week on Sky­walk­ing Through Nev­er­land. To my knowl­edge we never have dis­cussed super­heroes who wear their under­wear on the out­side of their out­fit — until now! What must it feel like to be involved in some­thing so unique and cre­ative that it changes a fan­dom? This week we talk with Kevin Rubio, direc­tor and co-writer of the Star Wars fan film, Troops. This Star Wars and Cops mash-up started a new move­ment in fan­dom com­mu­ni­ties — fan films! Armed with a great idea, eager friends and an end­less sup­ply of Cops episodes, Kevin directed the Star Wars fan film that inspired peo­ple all over the world. And remem­ber, never land on Alderaan…

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