Skywalking Through Neverland Episode 21: Raiders of the Lost Fan Film

It’s time to join your hosts over at Skywalking Through Neverland.

In 1982 Chris Strompo­los set out with his bud­dies to remake Raiders Of The Lost Ark as only kids could do. Cut to 26 years later…and they are still work­ing on it. Sky­walk­ing Through Nev­er­land talks to Chris about the mak­ing of this shot-to-shot remake called Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Adap­ta­tion, light­ing his friends on fire to get the re-enactment just right and his Kick­starter cam­paign (they are so close) to raise enough to finally say, “It’s a wrap!” What do you do when Billy Dee Williams reaches out on Twit­ter to ask you if he can use your art­work on Danc­ing With The Stars? You say “YES!” Lis­ten in to get all the details about Lando Cal­riss­ian becom­ing a dancer and how you can vote for #team­S­lando (his dance partner’s name is Emma Slater. Does Slando make sense now?) After a year of wait­ing, The Clone Wars — The Lost Mis­sions Sea­son 6 is finally here! Net­flix has released the final 13 episodes; and the ques­tion is, do we binge watch? Do we savor as a build up to Star Wars: Rebels? How do you let new Star Wars just sit there and not dive in?

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