It’s time to join your hosts over at Skywalking Through Neverland.

R2-D2 Builder’s Club mem­ber Vic­tor Franco! He tells us about R2’s red car­pet strolls, his star­ring com­mer­cials and the way he came to the res­cue at our wedding; also what he thinks about the recent news of J.J. Abrams using a fan-made R2-D2 from the R2 Builders Club. Star Wars Episode VII con­tin­ues the trend of fans being tapped to work on beloved franchises. Sev­eral cos­play­ers and fans talk to us at Long Beach Comic-Con last week­end. Does the world need this many Loki’s? Answer: Appar­ently. And for the first time ever we get to hear a rap­ping C-3PO and a beat-boxing R2-D2 in our Vin­tage Video segment.

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