All Wings Report In for this STAR WARS RESISTANCE FLYBY of “The Children From Tehar”! This week, we discuss S1 E06 as the story delves more into the Star Wars universe. We’ve introduced all of our main characters; Kaz, Tam, Yeager and Neeku; and their relationship to each other. Now it’s time to connect Star Wars Resistance to the overall Star Wars Saga. This episode is the beginning of that connection. We get mentions of Kylo Ren! Captain Phasma makes another appearance. And a mysterious symbol from Tehar keeps popping up. We also meet the children from Tehar – Kel and Eila.

Richard calls out Creature Appearances. I talk about musical moments, including one having to do with this mysterious symbol. We also share our first thoughts, questions raised by the episode and our favorite moments.

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