Skywalking Through Neverland #290: The Empire Strikes Back – Muppets, Underoos & Bantha Tracks

In honor of its 40th Anniversary, this episode is all about publicity on The Empire Strikes Back, with special guest Craig Miller (Lucasfilm Publicity 1970s-1980s). We talk about how the publicity campaign was a pioneer for its time, ushering in a new way of marketing movies that continues to this day. Some of these include a 1-800 number to speak with your favorite Star Wars character, articles in Bantha Tracks, and The Muppet Show appearance. Craig was largely responsible for all content of Bantha Tracks, the first Star Wars fan club magazine, and talks about the lead-up to TESB through its pages.

We dedicate this episode to the memory of Charlie Lippincott, who just passed away on May 19th. Mr. Lippincott worked as the Senior VP of Adverstising, Publicity, Promotion and Merchandising at Lucasfilm, and was a mastermind of promotion.

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