In our Countdown to ROGUE ONE, we discuss the current State of Star Wars Podcasting with special guests Bobby Roberts (former host on Full Of Sith) and Tyler Westhause (Star Wars Podcast Alliance FB Group Creator/Admin, formerly of RebelForce Radio). Both have great insights to recent shake-ups in the podcasting world. What do you want to hear in a Star Wars podcast? Why is there always drama with groups of people? How has podcasting influenced you in a positive way? So many thought-provoking questions. It’s always good to take a step back and look at this outlaw medium of podcasting, the “wild west” of media still in its infancy. Ric Peralta ( is back to give us more breaking details on the ROGUE ONE line at TCL Chinese Theater IMAX in Hollywood. Star Wars fans are flying in from all over the globe to see this film at the birthplace of Star Wars. Join us, contribute to charity, and be a part of the family.

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