Roqoo Depot: Podcasts in Review (333)

Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review, starting with the top five and honorable mentions, then moving on to the full reviews.

This Week’s Top Five

1. Blast Points Podcast Episode 192
2. Grand Moff Talkin’ Episode 117
3. Star Wars Loose Canon Hoth Topic
4. The Soundtrack Show Danny Elfman: from Boingo to Beetlejuice
5. Wookiee Radio Episode 131

Honorable Mentions

• Adolescence After Alderaan Episode 44 is a fun book discuss episode to check out.
• Brews and Blasters Episode 229 is a fun mix of food, whiskey and Star Wars.
• Scavenger’s Hoard Episode 118 is a good TROS trailer discussion episode to check out.

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