Roqoo Depot: Podcasts in Review

Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review (297), starting with the top five and honorable mentions, then moving on to the full reviews.

This Week’s Top Five

1. Full of Sith Episode CCCI
2. Talking Bay 94 Episode 28
3. Skywalking Through Neverland Episode 237
4. The Resistance Broadcast George Lucas Hates Mara Jade and Other Fun Star Wars Anecdotes With J.W. Rinzler
5. What The Force? What the Fandom: A Star Wars Comic

Honorable Mentions

• Comic Book Noob Constantine great episode going over the comic book, TV and movie character.
Star Wars Loose Canon Recreational Slick Boy fun episode going over the drugs in Star Wars.
• The Fanitarium Rob Smith – Star Wars Gaming from LucasArts to EA nice episode diving into the gaming industry.

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