Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks: Star Trek Beyond and The Killing Joke, Awards Chatter: Bob Odenkirk interview, Brews and Blasters: Episode 82, Comic Book Noob: Suicide Squad Part 2, Comics With Kenobi: Issue #21, Databank Brawl: Episode 15, Fly Casual: Episode 100, ForceCenter: Episode 23, Full of Sith: Episode CLXXVIII, Geek Out Loud: Episode 189, Jedi Journals: August 2016, Rebel Force Radio: Episode 8.5.2016, Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 131, Star Wars 7×7: Episode 746, 754, 755 and 762, Star Wars New Canon Book Club: Episode 11, Star Wars Oxygen: Volume 32, Talk Star Wars: Episode 35

Radio 1138: Episode 49 covers a lot of ground as usual. There’s some rough audio from London Film and Comic Con I believe, then they cut back to some normal audio as they talk a little SWCE, then switch over to a chat with Jeremy Bulloch, Dave Prowse, audio of the Dave Filoni SWCE press interview, some Warwick Davis audio, an interview with a model maker, and some more audio of Warwick Davis from a panel he did at London Film and Comic Con. Interesting stuff, some you may have heard like the Dave Filoni audio, but all the London Film and Comic Con stuff is new as I haven’t heard any other podcast who has covered that. It’s a lot of different recordings so some are better than others.

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