Rebels Chat, Episode 87: ‘Looking for Leia’ Documentary Film

In episode 87, we went in front of the cameras with the ‘Looking for Leia’ documentary film crew! To capture the podcasting magic on video, my mom and I recorded a mini-episode, where I briefly quizzed her on her season 3 knowledge of Star Wars Rebels and played two mini-games. You can play along while you listen and send us your responses through email or on social media!

Season 3 Quiz

True or False: Hera’s mother’s name is Nahlia.
In “The Wynkahthu Job,” who says this quote, “Friendship is the greatest treasure.”
(a) Ezra
(b) Hera
(c) Hondo
(d) Zeb
Which of the following words best describes Maul in all of the episodes, especially “Twin Suns”?
(a) Evil
(b) Selfish
(c) Cruel
(d)All of the above
True or False: Both Kallus and Sabine said, “I can do more good here,” when they both decide to stay behind.
What is the name of Sabine’s homeworld?
(a) Concord Dawn
(b) Condordia
(c) Krownest
Spelling Challenge! How do you spell (listen to the episode for the word)?
True or False: The Bendu called the Sith Holocron the “Keeper of the Shadow Lore” in “The Holocrons of Fate.”
What is the code phrase Kallus says to Kanan and Ezra in the episode “An Inside Man”?
(a) By Grabthar’s Hammer
(b) By the light of Lothal’s moons.
(c) In brightest day, in blackest night
Would You Rather

Would you rather own Ezra’s first lightsaber or Zeb’s bo-rifle?
Would you rather fly the Ghost or the Millennium Falcon?
Would you rather own a puffer pig or a loth-cat as a pet?
Would you rather live on Hoth or Tatooine?
Would you rather be friends with Darth Vader or Admiral Thrawn?
Would you rather kiss Jabba or kiss Sy Snootles?
Kiss on the rolling plains of Naboo, Riduurok (marriage agreement), or Freeze in Carbonite

Kanan, Kallus, Lando
Hera, Sabine, Ahsoka
Obi-Wan, Anakin, Quinlan Vos
Rex, Gregor, Wolffe
Learn more about the Looking For Leia documentary film by visiting their website and following them on Twitter.

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