Jedi News Exclusive: RebelForce Radio Talks Star Wars Films Digital Download

Our brother in the Force, Jimmy Mac, has sent us some information from their interview with Roger Christian from this weeks yet to be released RebelForce Radio with guest co-host Paul Bateman.

In the clip Roger says Black Angel is under consideration to be released with the “digitized six Star Wars that are coming in November”.  Jimmy Mac believes he is talking about the soon to be released downloadable digital versions of the first six Star Wars films. Whilst we’ve all heard whispers and leaks about this (we reported this back in March), we cannot recall anyone going on the record about it.  Could this be the first close-to-legit confirmation that the films will be available digitally for the first time this November?

Listen to the interview yourselves later today as part of latest episode of RebelForce Radio which is released at Noon CENTRAL.