Join Tha Mike Pilot, Bryan Young and Bobby Roberts for the latest episode of Full of Sith.

This special double-sized episode is a two-part monster. In part one, Bria LaVorgna from Tosche Station and White Hot Room join Bryan and Mike to talk about the politics in Star Wars. By politics, we talk about Palpatine’s plans and manipulations of the Senate and how that affects, movie-by-movie, the in-world politics of Star Wars and touch on Lucas’s real-world inspirations for those story beats. In our second part, Bryan interviews Andrew Slack, the creator of The Harry Potter Alliance. They talk about his connection to new Star Wars, his new HPA-like movement called the US Rebel Alliance, and how Star Wars fandom can be used to do a different sort of good in the world. He also talks about giving US Senator Ted Cruz a lightsaber and asking him to join the Jedi.

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