In episode seventy-seven, Larry is settling into his new home, and shares updates on the closing. He’s got a blank slate, and big plans for his toy room. Chris ordered an extra set of NECA turtles, and his reason is genius. Bill’s Mezco One:12 Purple Catwoman arrived. And Larry grabbed a few more Siege Transformers and of course this week’s feature figure, SH Figuarts Wasp. Check out the DorkLair YouTube channel for a video review of the Mezco MDX Catwoman. Additionally, Captain Marvel, He-Man, Star Wars, Transformers, and more are in the collecting news. “Master of the Hunt” will help collectors keep track of bargains, releases, restocks, and buy-nows. Don’t forget to pick up your DorkLair t-shirt, available on TeePublic. Follow the DorkLair Instagram for more weekly questions to connect with the show.

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