Comics With Kenobi #103 – A Well Respected Man

Amid rumors of a relaunching and renumbering of the main Star Wars title later this year, Jeff and Matt discuss the pros and cons of such a move and whether it would have any significant effect on Marvel’s existing titles and their sales. Then there’s Star Wars (Vol. 1) #108, the one shot due at the end of May that will serve as a sequel to Vol. 1’s Star Wars (Vol. 1) #50.

Looking farther afield, there’s a conversation about what titles may be announced at Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

As for comics, it’s a battle of Trix vs. Frosted Flakes (Jaxxon vs. Jak’zin) in the stellarly written and illustrated Star Wars: Age of Republic — Count Dooku, while Han finds his confidence is contagious in the penultimate issue of Star Wars: Han Solo — Imperial Cadet #4.

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