Brews And Blasters #86: Whales And Whiskey

If it’s going on in Star Wars, Chris and Joe are talking about it!

It’s all about Rogue One merch reveals this week! Death troopers, shore troopers, black series & more. Oh yeah, and whales. So many whales. And whiskey too!

Bet you thought we’d be talking about all the Rogue One merchandise announcements, didn’t ya! Well, we do. A lot, actually. But we also recap the great RetroZap meetup, whales, whale watches, and much more. There’s a lot of Rogue One talk, too. Was the midnight announcement a smokescreen? What’s the deal with a midnight madness event? Is Rogue Friday a thing? We have it all for you and a sandwich as well. Enjoy the long weekend! The Star Wars party begins now–it’s time for Brews and Blasters.

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