If it’s going on in Star Wars, Chris and Joe are talking about it!

This is a jam-packed show. We’re having a blast in this final lead up to The Force Awakens, and there’s more to talk about than we could possibly cover! Trailers, interviews, books, comics, short stories, plus merchandise in every store–Star Wars is finally everywhere again! Find out how we’re riding this wave until the premiere, and have some fun in the process. Bobby Roberts from the Full of Sith podcast stops by and it is a conversation I can only describe as legendary. We talk about everything from our ideas, expectations, and non-expectations for the upcoming film, as well as recollections from growing up with Star Wars, to the fan community as a new age of Star Wars begins as the old one ends, in just 2 weeks!! There is a Sanford & Son reference, just wanted to give you fair warning.

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