Beltway Banthas: Live At Awesome Con – Redemption In ‘Star Wars’ Panel

This past weekend we were at Awesome Con in Washington DC! Stephen and John join Nanci Schwartz, Brian Larsen and Bria Lavorgna of Tosche Station, and Jay Shah of Eleven-ThirtyEight to discuss the theme of redemption in the galaxy far, far away. If Vader can be redeemed, can anybody? Is Kylo Ren able to truly atone for the crimes he’s committed? Tune in for a rich panel discussion of one of the franchise’s major themes.

Redemption has been a crucial part of Star Wars since 1983, but how often do we pause to think critically about what it entails? We believe this panel may answer some questions you may have on the topic. Major thank you to Brian of Tosche Station for capturing and sharing this audio, and to Bria Lavorgna for having Beltway Banthas on the panel.

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