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Star Wars Episode VII: Will Episode VII take Star Wars Back to England?
Reported by Mark on 18 Dec 2012 19:54

She doesn't name her sources, presumably due to the sensitive nature of the information in the post, but Dunc over at Club Jade has just posted this potentially huge piece of Episode VII news.

A little tidbit came in to me today: It looks like there are some people being called to work on Episode VII early next year… In England, where shooting will start “in April.” (Which fits with what Kathleen Kennedy said last week.)

The original trilogy was primarily filmed at Elstree Studios , while The Phantom Menace (as well as many of the Harry Potter films) were filmed at Warner Bros.’ Leavesden Studios. Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia was the main filming location used for the last two prequels, although some pickup shots were done at Elstree.

Source: Club Jade

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